Senior Q & A

Q. I haven't even started my senior year yet. Why have my senior portrait done so early


A. Two reasons: Schools have early yearbook deadlines, usually a few weeks after school starts, plus many seniors like an outdoor setting for their portraits, so they take advantage of summer weather.


Q. What will my session be like?


A. It will be FUN! You might feel a little nervous at first, but not for long. Paul will have you relaxed and having fun in no time, so your portrait will turn out great!


Q. Can I bring a friend to watch?


A. Of course! Bring along a parent or friend. And bring your favorite CD to play during the portrait session. You'll look your best when you are having fun!


Q. What if I like one pose and my parents like another?


A. No problem! If you are like most seniors, you will choose 3 to 7 different poses in your portrait package so you get exactly what you want and your parents get exactly what they want.


Q. How long does a senior portrait session take?


A. Your portrait session takes about an hour. Your previews will be ready for you to see in about 7 days.


Q. Will I have to share my beach portrait session with a bunch of other people I don't know.


A. Absolutely not! Although we do reserve certain dates for beach portraits, we schedule separate appointments for each person. You will have our undivided attention for your beach session.