Our Studio

Celebrating 25 years!  Thats a little history.

In 1987 the Lakers won the NBA title over the Celtics 4-2. U.S. and Canada signed the Free Trade Agreement. A Gerber survey found the most popular baby names were Jessica and Matthew. And Paul Streelman Photography opened its doors for business.

The first studio opened in a small rented space on Chicago Drive in Grandville. After soon outgrowing the original space, the studio was moved to it's current location on Kenowa in 1992. Originally Paul's Grandparents home, the building was renovated to accommodate the studio's needs. The outdoor area was landscaped into a portrait park.PSP_Logo_Cutout

The change in photography over the past 15 years has been astounding. In 1987 all photographs were recorded on film. Today, digital technology has permeated photography. In recent years we have updated equipment and added new digital products and services. Digital photography offers many benefits including enhanced restoration and retouching capabilities, instant previewing of photographs and faster delivery of finished portraits.

Through all the changes in business and technology, the thing that has not changed is Paul's passion for photography, "I started this business because I love photography. And it continues to be the most rewarding part of my job".

We are proud of our success and would like to thank all our customers and suppliers for their support. We have made many friends over the years. It is fun to photograph weddings for couples whose senior portrait we made. And see them return in a few years for portraits of their children.